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Digital Education in the UK

In order to meet the needs of the industry and reach the set cyber security goals, the UK Government is striving to improve the existing ICT curriculum which is according to most computer experts and the leading British ICT companies unsatisfactory. The goal is to develop a national curriculum that will enable students to keep up with the changes in the technology such as software testing courses and be able to fully take advantage of the opportunities offered by cyberspace from elementary school through higher education as well as to equip the workforce with relevant skills and knowledge.

The Government is currently making extensive changes at all levels of education. These aren’t only focused on hardware and the curriculum itself but on teachers as well because they are the ones who will transfer the necessary digital skills and knowledge to the future ICT specialists. In order to be able to transfer relevant knowledge to their pupils, it is of utmost importance for the teachers to firstly, feel confident using the technology and secondly, for their knowledge to be up-to-date with the most recent trends and developments.

Another goal of the UK Government in improvement of digital education is to make sure that the education system can produce professionals that meet the demands of the industry. Besides making changes in the curriculum, the Government is therefore also encouraging the development of apprenticeship programme for graduates in order for them to receive adequate training to meet the demands of the industry and for the UK to retain its leading position in technological innovation and software ability.

Other measures of the UK Government to improve the existing ICT curriculum include: